4.0.9 Released

Posted on July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July! We welcome this short week with a new update.

With the coming of 3.2, it was well overdue that I had a look at the latest release candidates to make sure everything worked as expected. I’m happy to say (holding my breath) that everything did.

Probably the most notable difference in this update is the update to the languages. Finally, many major languages have been translated and corresponding po/mo files included/updated. However, since each new string added/modified means regenerating every single po/mo file for re-translating, new strings will be translated as and when possible. For translation information so you can make amendments yourself see our new translation instructions.

Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • added various google/user translated languages and updated pot file
  • fixed various gettext domain errors
  • search form defaults and behaviour fixed
  • added dates to buddypress group events template
  • improved the google maps js insertion (updated with google’s new recommended code)
  • no pending approvals when switching from auto-approval to approval mode
  • added new “within month” scope
  • various other nuances fixed

Aside from various bug fixes, typos etc.


  1. Arend says:


    This upadte is not comming trough in the wordpress plugin section..

    WP says i have a newer version installed (4.0.83)

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