4.0.7 Released

Posted on June 10, 2011

It’s been a little slow getting this update out due to the nature of some of these bugs, but it’s here and in time for the weekend updaters! This update was really all about bugfixes, especially on the MultiSite/BuddyPress side of things.

Here’s a list of the changes:

  • minium WP version is now 3.1
  • prevented JS loading in non-EM admin screens again
  • updated jQuery ui objects to use the 1.8.x core
  • removed dependency on ajaxForm javascript
  • new booking ticket placeholders for emails
  • images now saving in recurrence mode
  • images now saving in multisite global/local modes
  • LOADS of bugfixes in buddypress
  • removed user list showing for normal location editors
  • cleaning up the attributes e.g. apostrophes
  • images kept when detaching recurrent event
  • location and categories now have slug choice and get properly cleaned
  • added and corrected some countries (Syria, Peru, corrected Panama code)
  • added option to disable registration emails going out
  • tickets now accept digits, e.g $1.50
  • location form in event more intuitive when using previous locations
  • location form and map degrade more gracefully with small screens now.
  • removed various php warnings

Some of you might find that your events > settings page isn’t expanding the titles, if so you need to click the expand all link on the top right. This is due to the new JS updates and we’ll fix this asap (didn’t want to delay a release over this).

So What’s Next?

We have a few features coming very soon, both in Free and Pro versions. More on that soon….


  1. Justin Myers says:

    Uhh…the expanding just isn’t working, it’s broke it altogether. If you click anywhere within the postbox it causes the menu to toggle (causing it to collapse) making it impossible to edit anything.

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