New official Events Manager website

Posted on October 6, 2010

Welcome folks

Hi there folks,

This is Events Manager for WordPress talking, welcome to my new humble abode.

Davide and Marcus, they had a hell of time fixing bugs and setting this new website up, but hey, I guess the wait was worth.

Up there, on the main menu, you will find a completely revised version of the Events Manager documentation, so you won’t have a chance of getting lost between template tags and API calls. There’s also a FAQ page, where you will find answers to some of your most common questions. And if you find no answer, there’s nice form on the contact page, so you’ll be able to fire a question, in a zip!

Obviously the forum is still up, and there’s a new blog where Davide And Marcus will share snippets and tips on the use of Events Manager. And maybe a trivia here and there.

Hope you’ll like it around here!

Your faithfully,
Events Manager


  1. Chally says:

    Thank you for this very interesting plug-in. I’m trying the whole features I could have to use on a new site I’m building at this time.
    I’m not a specialist (not more in English! I’m just a frog !) and I would like to know if I could have an “online” control when I create an event, about the location for free for the selected date/time or not.
    Thanks for your return and I wish you can understand my issue

  2. dbenini says:

    Hello Chally, I am not sure I get you pont clearly.
    Could you expand a bit, maybe posting directly to the support forum, here:


  3. Anna says:


    I just tried to uppdate your events manager but then all my events disepeard. I tryed to import them but that did’t work. I then installed the older manager again and then the events came back but i cant edit the events. The edit page is blank. I would be very happy if you could help me in some way.

    Best regards

  4. Frank says:

    Looking for an event calendar, I came across 2 event calendars which – at first glance – are identical. Are they?

    Both even calendars have the same screenshots, so do I conclude that the extended version is the most up to date?


  5. dbenini says:

    They’re not. Extended is a fork of an old version of Events Manager, with some added features.
    This events Manager is the original plugin, with an entirely rewritten core, for easier maintenance and expandability.
    I know the naming is unfortunate, but it’s not our fault, we were the first to be around.

  6. dbenini says:

    Hey Anna,
    maybe there’a conflict with other plugins.
    Could you address your problem to the support forum?

    Sorry, I just added the link to the homepage, it wasn’t there.

  7. Vito says:

    Excellent plugin. Thank you very much. Just one quick question – Will anything be affected by adding ‘PA’ => ‘Panama’ to the $em_countries_array in the em-functions.php file? Thanks.

  8. marcus says:

    hi, no it won’t. i also added it to the dev version (i took that list from a google ddm i think, don’t know why it’s wasn’t there!)

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