Events Manager and WPML

Events Manager and WPML have worked together for quite a few years via our freely available WPML Compatibility Add-On.

Events Manager for WPML version 2.0 makes Events Manager fully compatible with WPML, making all its features translatable where relevant. These include:

  • Translating Events and Locations in the WPML Translation Editor, including the ability to translate:
    • Ticket names and description
    • Location address fields such as street, city, region
  • Duplicating Events and Locations via WPML into different languages.
  • Displaying untranslated Events and Locations in lists should you choose this option in WPML settings.
  • Support for recurring events!
  • Translatable Custom Booking and Attendee forms.
  • Translate any automated email template which gets sent to users in the language they booked in.
  • Multisite support, including integration with our MultiSite Global tables mode!
    • That means you can host events on different subsites in different languages and display them across your network of blogs.
  • Language code filtering in shortcodes and search functions via the ‘language’ search argument.

With Events Manager and WPML, you can now run a truly multilingual website! Download the free compatibility add-on from!