Template Tags

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Whilst this page is up to date with version 5, there are more template tags located within the em-template-tags.php file.

Template tags

If you’re into theming, you should probably use the template tags provided by Events Manager. The following tags insert event-related elements into your templates. At least a basic knowledge of PHP and wordpress template tags is needed to use these.

Display Event Information

Here are some basic tags that you may find useful for displaying certain information from Events Manager. Events Manager was made with flexibility in mind, especially for developers, so if you know what you’re doing and want to do more with Events Manager, see our advanced useage page.

Note that for all of these functions below the $args variable can be an array or query-string with any event accepted arguments. If you change the function names below from em_ to em_get_, the function will return the value rather than immediately display it

em_events( $args )

This will display a list of events. This is a very powerful function as you have a fine grained control of what events are shown, what format to show them in, etc.

em_calendar( $args )

Will display an html calendar string, populated with the events that match the given arguments in $args, which should be an array with any calendar accepted arguments.

em_locations( $args )

Will display a list of locations, that match the given arguments in $args, which should be an array with any calendar

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