Events Manager 6.4.2 & Pro 3.2.2

Posted on July 4, 2023

Our most recent updates largely focused on fixing some issues that cropped up during our recent updates with many new features. We are going to circle back again in the next update (which should come shortly) to tackle some more issues we were unable to get to during this update cycle.

Alongside these bugfixes, we’re happy to announce another highly requested feature, now available on Events Manager; event cancellation!

Event Cancellation

You now have the option to cancel an event, and choose what happens when events are cancelled! If you already have Events Manager installed and are upgrading, you’ll need to visit the Settings > General Options > Event Options > Enable Event Status? setting and enable that to Yes, once you do that you’ll notice an Event Cancellations section appear in the same General Options tab, as well as another one in the Emails tab.

Depending on your setting choices, you’ll now be able to set the Event Status to Active or Cancelled. When cancelled, the following can happen:

  • All bookings that are pending or approved get a standard notification email as per your email settings template.
  • All pending and approved bookings are cancelled
  • Optionally all cancelled bookings can be sent the cancellation booking template.
  • Bookings are closed

From the front-end point of view, we now have some cancelled formatting that will show up on your event, such as:

We hope you enjoy this new feature, we have some extra features coming up for cancellations in Pro very soon!

Events Manager 6.4.2 Changelog

  • fixed google maps JS errors with embedded Google maps
  • fixed booking form issues and added fallbacks for settings and template overrides where booking intents are not present on initial booking form load
  • added fallback polyfill function to add booking_intent to booking forms overriden in template files which still uses em_booking_form_footer
  • fixed compatiblity issues with other plugins using reCaptcha breaking booking form AJAX process and causing "Network Error" error messages
  • added further fallbacks to handle non-network issues triggering caused by unhandled thrown errors preventing booking form from fully processing
  • changed JS use of response.result to response.success in bookingform.js
  • fixed fatal PHP error when deleting an event on front-end admin
  • fixed fatal error when 0 views are selected/saved to settings or if dbem_search_form_views is saved incorrectly
  • added PHP $email_args parameter to EM_Booking status change functions which is passed onto the email() function for limiting admin/attendee sending
  • added event status feature including active and cancelled states along with options to email booked users about a cancellation
  • added is_cancelled and is_active conditional placeholders
  • added #_EVENTSTATUS placeholder
  • added cancelled (bool), active (bool) and active_status (int) search arguments for PHP and shortcode arguments
  • (minor) fixed PHP 8 error in ticket editor
  • fixed booking form summary showing all ticket (non-required) minimum spaces as if booked upon initial form load
  • fixed ticket columns not showing on booking admin summary tables
  • added multiple ticket support for columns showing single ticket data
  • added support for tippy html content in regular tooltip constructor html
  • fixed pagination issues with grouped event lists
  • fixed calendar advanced search popup not appearing when clicking trigger
  • fixed calendar size view change upon a calendar advanced search

Events Manager Pro 3.2.2 Changelog

  • fixed QuickPay buttons not showing for checkout
  • fixed automation emails action admin area adding slashes to message and not displaying message in textarea
  • fixed automation emails and other scheduled emails not working when added to the EM Pro email queue when reminders are disabled
  • added $email_args to set_status and ensure compatibility with EM_Booking parent method in EM 6.4.2
  • fixed waitlist booking form compatibility issues with EM 6.4.x
  • fixed PHP warning when inserting event time trigger flags into em_meta table
  • fixed booking form init JS not triggering a change event for a pre-selected when booking form initially loaded,
  • added extra fallback fix to enable booking button in event of a free booking
  • fixed JS errors not redirecting users with the PayPal legacy gateway (running new API)
  • fixed date timestamp issues of transaction history for outgoing NVP checks for PayPal legacy gateway
  • fixed sandbox mode not redirecting properly for PayPal legacy gateway (both APIs)

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