Events Manager Pro 3.2 – Gateway Overhaul!

Posted on June 6, 2023

We are EXTREMELY excited to announce a long-time coming feature/update… Gateways!

Whilst developing Events Manager 6.4 we have been hard at work in tandem developing Pro 3.2 which was mainly focused on completely revamping the Gateway API so that it can accommodate the most modern payment solutions and standards of payment flows.

In keeping with this, our Gateway class structure is now leaner, simpler and takes the load off individual gateway implementations even more by centralizing common settings and actions.

For those updating from 3.1 or earlier, Pro will go into Legacy Mode which will continue to use the old gateway code until you’re ready to switch.

We have modernized our previous implementations of AIM and PayPal Website Payments Standard so that they still work with our new Gateway framework, but the end goal is that you transition to our new payment methods for Stripe, PayPal and/or which are now distributed as separate add-ons!

New Add-Ons

We’re happy to introduce two new add-ons, PayPal and, as well as an updated Stripe 2.0 add-on. All these now use the latest payment methods:

PayPal – Checkout and Advanced Payments

Stripe – Checkout and Elements – Direct API integration

These gateways will still be included with Pro, and are available from our downloads page if you have an active license.

Another Stepping Stone

We have just laid another foundational stepping stone to an overall revamp of some outdated code! This new structure will enable us to add new payment-related features, as well as new gateways. Did we mention we’re excited?

We look forward to hearing about how your transition went, and hope that you’ll benefit from the new payment methods along with even more upcoming features!

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