Upcoming Pro Plan Changes

Posted on April 21, 2023

Update: The planned date for this is now confirmed; June 7th 2023 at 12pm UTC

Since its inception, Events Manager Pro was always an all-inclusive plugin for Events Manager, meaning that any feature we added to Pro was included as part of the Pro plugin. The only choice needed to purchase is how many sites you want to install Pro on. This made things simple for our Pro customers and allowed us to focus on what mattered most; making an awesome events plugin.

Our goals have not changed; we intend to maintain an all-inclusive Pro plan. However, going forward in the following weeks, we will be selling our WooCommerce add-on as a separate plugin. Additionally, our Pro licenses will have a subtle yet significant change to the plan conditions; all future add-ons are included will not apply.

This will not affect customers who have an active license purchased before this change. We will honor our previous price plans and prices for any user that signs up before the change happens next month. All current add-ons, updates, and future add-ons sold on this site will be available to you.

WooCommerce Sold Separately

Some integrations have grown in popularity and require a greater level of attention to maintain and develop further, most particularly third-party integrations that depend on code and API services created and managed by others. Our WooCommerce integration is a leading example, due to its own complex ecosystem. Moreover, the WC add-on does not require Pro at all to function, it connects Events Manager directly with WooCommerce.

We have been liaising with the WooCommerce team over the past few months and have concluded that In the coming weeks, our WooCommerce integration add-on will be sold as a separate product on the WooCommerce marketplace.

Currently, this is included with Pro for free; any customers with an active Pro plan before the change will keep having access to the add-on and further updates provided they maintain an active license. After the change, this add-on will be exclusively available directly from the WooCommerce Marketplace.

What about other Add-ons?

We do not have any immediate plans for changing our Pro price plans, and would certainly announce upcoming changes in due time. Since the WC add-on is being sold separately on another platform, the only immediate change is that the WooCommerce integration add-on won’t be included with Events Manager Pro.

The main reason for the change to our plan terms is to open the possibility for new add-ons, particularly with third-party software and services which require a lot more maintenance, being sold separately. We have every intention on piling on more features to our core Pro add-on! However, this change will allow us to dedicate resources to new projects in a more modular fashion, should they require it.

At that point, we will likely introduce an all-inclusive plan to keep things as simple as possible for those wanting Pro and all it has to offer, but also offer a comprehensive Pro plugin without some of these extra add-ons.

Go Pro now and keep the current conditions!

As mentioned at the start of this announcement, this change will only affect new customers or renewals of expired licenses going forward. If you purchase before the change occurs, and maintain an active license by renewing yearly, you will keep having access to all our updates and add-ons.

We hope you have enjoyed using Pro thus far, and we look forward to sharing some more exciting new announcements related to some major updates in the coming weeks too!

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