Events Manager 6.1.6

Posted on December 16, 2022

This latest update fixes a few issues that arose from our latest update of the booking admin tables, as well as a new integration with freely available Thrive Automator plugin! We’ll elaborate more on the awesomeness of this integration in an upcoming post.

We’re aso looking forward to a follow-up update before the end of the year with a special feature-surprise to wrap up the year with a nice little graph-shaped bow (that was a hint!).

Stay tuned, and Happy Holidays!

6.1.6 Changelog

  • fixed bookings admin table pagination and action link issues
  • moved AJAX actions from init to wp_loaded
  • fixed potential em_booking_save filter bug still mailing emails if short-circuited with a false result,
  • added em_booking_added to EM_Booking::save() which should now be used for any new booking being added rather than em_booking_save or em_bookings_add
  • added Thrive Automator integration

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