Events Manager 6.1.5

Posted on November 28, 2022

We’re happy to announce the first iteration of our bookings admin table that ships with 6.1.5!

Aside from from a couple of bug fixes that needed to get released, this latest update mainly focused on the path towards a completely revamped and feature-filled bookings table. This current iteration includes:

  • Dashboard-Side (WP Admin)
    • Integration with WP list tables (such as posts), giving it a more native look (with some minor improvements)
    • Better AJAX UX whilst updating single bookings
    • Bulk Approve/Reject/Delete bookings
    • Sortable columns
      • currently limited to core booking and event data, such as dates, spaces, prices, event fields
    • Dropdown for actions, saving crucial row space
  • Frontend & Dashboard
    • Search bookings by name!
    • Improved column selection overlays and selectors

Currently, the dashboard-side admin table has a few more perks than the front-end, but these will soon be merged together to share the exact same functionality.

This also paves the way and builds a foundation for us to build multiple new features which will add to this already useful set of new features, which will include:

  • Unified views using same table technology including:
    • attendees
    • ticket types
    • events
    • transactions
  • Sorting by booking & attendee custom fields
  • Searching & Filtering custom booking & attendee fields
  • Check-in shortcuts
  • Additional bulk editing options (such as check-ins)
  • Advanced preset column layouts

We look forward to adding more to this, but hope that the current update already helps users run events more efficiently via the improved search, sort and bulk-edit features.

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