Events Manager 6.1.2 and Pro 3.1

Posted on September 5, 2022

We’re happy to release another follow-up update which should address the large majority of issues that users may have experienced during the recent 6.x updates. We’d like to thank everyone for their patience during these weeks during this major transition, and for anyone still experiencing any upgrade issues since 6.x please rest assured that we’re still working on any reported issues and will follow up with more updates as necessary.

Aside from many fixing many new and older reported bugs, we’ve snuck in a few new features that were already in the pipeline into both Events Manager and Pro Add-on :)

  • Waiting lists
  • Cancellation policies
    • Cancel x hours before events start
  • Submission limitations/throttling
    • Limit the number of events users can submit

We’ll follow up with another post giving more information on these within the coming days, our current focus is making sure everyone transitions as smoothly as possible.

Events Manager 6.1.2 Changelog

  • changed EM_Tickets, EM_Bookings and EM_Ticket so event object is stored as referece so get_event() all reference the same parent object,
  • changed em_bookings_ticket_exists hook for when tickets don’t exist, $EM_Ticket is pssed as a blank EM_Ticket with the requested $ticket_id
  • removed erroneous em_boking_save action in em-actions.php before anything is actually saved
  • changed the booking_resend_email action to allow AJAX requests
  • changed PHP use of get_class() checks in if statements to instanceof so that extended classes pass,
  • added $event_ids array passed to em_bookings_deleted and em_bookings_delete actions/filters in EM_Bookings::delete() mass deletion,
  • added $force_refresh option to EM_Bookings->get_available_spaces()
  • added $ignore_spaces parameter to EM_Ticket->is_available()
  • added EM_Ticket->is_available_to() function
  • fixed availability issue for unavailable tickets when overriding as an admin
  • added extra action hooks to booking admin area
  • added reserved ‘waitlist’ booking status numbers 6-8 (if you use custom status numbers, we advise using above 100 for sake of avoiding core collision)
  • fixed some instances where EM_Booking::$disable_restrictions doesn’t fully disable every restriction
  • added em_event_load_postdata_other_attributes filter allowing for custom event attributes/meta to be loaded with less code
  • [template change] moved booking form status notices from template into action-based output, default output of these now reside in the classes/em-event.php file
  • fixed some rare instances where EM_Ticket->get_event() doesn’t work as intended
  • tweaked em_ticket_is_available to fire even with EM_Bookings::$disable_restrictions enabled
  • added conditionial custom placeholder recursion support for EM_Ticket_Booking objects
  • added JS support for general AJAX forms without need for specific JS code to work using vanilla JS
  • added JS EM_Alert function for generating alerts via modal
  • added $status and $EM_Booking vars to em_booking_button class
  • added code editor features to formats admin section for larger text boxes
  • added em-notice alert box css
  • added cancellation policy allowing cancellation up to x hours before events begin
  • added event_attribute filters allowing for quicker/easier adding/saving custom attributes
  • fixed split booking by ticket exports not working since EM 6.1
  • fixed single ticket mode booking form not displaying as per settings
  • added retroactive fix of calendar templates using old HTML structure (lack of ID in em-calendar enclosing element)
  • enabled text input for datepickers
  • moved loading of selectize CSS and JS directly into events-manager files instead of separate loading
  • fixed has_location_venue conditional displaying for non-physical events
  • fixed critical error if registration data is duplicated in error in bookings_meta table
  • added fix for add to calendar button when used on themes forcing line breaks within content
  • tweaked normalize.css to prevent themes forcing select boxes to display:block (causing flatpickr year select to disappear out of view)
  • fixed issues with serialization/wakeup in sessions for booking objects using new atomic tickets structure (fixes issues with Pro Multiple Booking checkouts)
  • fixed upgrade failures due to emoji data in bookings,
  • fixed issues with older PHP code looping EM_Bookings_Tickets and getting pricing resulting in single-ticket pricing rather than grouped when calling get_price_with_taxes()
  • fixed taxonomy event list pagination issues as well as forced AJAX on non-ajax pagination
  • fixed formatting typo displaying PHP code rather than translated output
  • fixed modal y-axis overflow for advanced search,
  • tweaked modal hidden mode to prevent click/touch blocking
  • fixed duplicate rows output in CSV split by ticket type
  • fixed templates/forms/event-editor.php to show notices within container so styling is inherited
  • added duplicate data removal script for updates that somehow duplicated data within the wp_em_bookings table
  • fixed PHP warning when no events in grouped listing – changed em_events_output_grouped so first argument returns all events from EM_Events::get(), use em_events_output_grouped_events_dates for split-by-dates array
  • fixed login form redirect issues in MultiSite where site_url is different from home_url
  • fixed timezone UTC offsets with minutes not saving properly
  • fixed incorrect label id for single ticket mode spaces select
  • fixed booking data duplication issues when saving personal data in booking admin
  • added backwards-compatible measure to support PHP 8.1 and return type requirements in DateTime and DateTimeZone by including duplicate file with return types which are loaded only with 8.1 and greater
  • added update retrigger if previous update is detected to not have gone through fully
  • fixed login text still showing even if disable login form option set to yes in settings
  • added option to use double-date datepicker for event dates
  • tweaked event date range so that ticket start/end datepickers are linked
  • fixed issue where dates for new event form default to 1970 before creation
  • fixed mobile responsive issues with taxonmy and location lists
  • fixed location placeholders not working when location and event not published yet

Events Manager Pro 3.1 Changelog

  • fixed issue with bookings PDF disabled option not correctly disabling PDFs entirely
  • added waitlist feature
  • fixed php warning on install
  • added EMP_Formats for similar functionality as in EM_Formats with dynamic format loading
  • changed is_a() use to instancesof
  • fixed #_BOOKINGUSERMETA not converting properly if user meta exists but no on the current form associated with the event
  • added extended cancellation policies on a per-event basis
  • fixed attendee exports to CSV not working since 6.1 update
  • added limits to event submissions and recurrence creation
  • fixed attendee form not working in single ticket booking form mode
  • fixed DB errors due to emojis
  • fixed attendee form data not displaying on MB mode checkout page
  • updated paypal code to reference EM_Ticket_Booking data directly rather than EM_Ticket_Bookings for price information, which was causing issues in MB mode checkout prices
  • fixed potential PHP warnings/errors from getting thrown when starting sessions for MB mode
  • fixed timepicker validation not accounting for single digit AM/PM hours,
  • fixed EM_Form->__toString() calling output_field() statically (potential PHP warnings/errors)
  • fixed double-datepickers in attendee forms when adding new attendees and using custom formatting for dates
  • fixed duplicate rows output in CSV split by attendee
  • fixed false 1970 dates and 0:00 times in booking admin when fields have no value
  • fixed single dates in custom form fields show placeholder as ‘select date range’

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