Events Manager 5.10

Posted on July 21, 2021

Version 5.10 fixes quite a few known issues, along with confirming compability with WordPress 5.8 (although EM 5.9.11.x also works fine) which was released yesterday.

We invite everyone to update to the latest and greatest version of Events Manager, and look forward to upcoming updates with new features!


  • fixed a minor PHPMailer PHP warning tiggered when mailing errors occur
  • fixed date validation errors restting available from/until times to 12AM for tickets
  • fixed WP Fullcalendar style tweak for tip image
  • removed loading of EM_Person upon construct of EM_Booking to prevent unecessary pre-loading
  • fixed bookings closed text not being translatable by ML plugins
  • fixed multilingual translation failures when triggering actions like ML booking emails as an admin
  • added em_ml_swiitch_locale and em_ml_restore_locale actions for ML plugins that don’t hook into WP’s switch_locale
  • fixed potential ML translation issues when switching translated event objects in a booking
  • optimized translated event switching in booking objects
  • added em_pre_taxonomy_template, em_pre_{taxonomy_name}_taxonomy_template and em_taxonomy_template
  • added temporary fix for compatibility issue with/caused by BuddyBoss
  • fixed PHP warnings caused by dev version update checks, also removed em_org_dev_version_slugs filter in place of em_org_dev_versions
  • added em_bookings_single_details_footer filter
  • added extra email trimming to prevent mail errors due to errant whitespaces
  • added em_ticket_get_price_without_tax filter
  • fixed #@_{…} placeholders still showing if end date is the same
  • fixed email fatal errors when password reset is disabled by other plugins or custom code
  • fixed caching issues with custom code hooking into em_event by firing the action before caching occurs
  • fixed reported issues with Elementor by writing $content into event and location object post_content properties (kudos to @martinneumannat)
  • fixed CZY currency symbols not being included
  • fixed dbem_maps_text_format and potentially other formats retrieved via AJAX not being overridable using our em_formats_filter filter
  • fixed bookings="0" not returning non-bookable events in shortcodes
  • fixed google ical link using http://
  • fixed EM_Person::get_summary() returning mixed up array key/values (props @duisterdenhaag)
  • removed outline style rules from CSS to help with WCAG compliance

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