Events Manager and Pro (Breaking Changes)

Posted on March 7, 2021

Events Manager and Pro have been released to address some bugs that cropped up in the 5.9.11 release of Events Manager.

Importantly, there are some breaking changes to Events Manager which would require an update to the latest EM Pro version too. For those who do not have an active license with access to updates, this is a relatively minor change required to keep functionality and we’d like to share the changes with you here.

Pro Breaking Change Patch

The breaking changes only affect those using our Multiple Bookings feature.

If you are not able to update to Pro, the fix is quite easy to implement and not something we’d want to impose on users to renew licenses.

You need to open up the file events-manager-pro/add-ons/multiple-bookings/multiple-booking.php and add below the following line (the second line in the file):

class EM_Multiple_Booking extends EM_Booking{

The following code:

 * Adds 'bookings' to the EM_Booking parent call.
 * @return string[]
 * @see EM_Booking::__sleep()
   public function __sleep(){
       $vars = parent::__sleep();
       if( !in_array('bookings', $vars) ) {
       $vars[] = 'bookings';
       return $vars;

 * Overrides EM_Booking wakeup to prevent overwriting EM_Ticket_Booking objects with the MB object rather than the EM_Booking single instance.
 * @see EM_Booking::__wakeup()
public function __wakeup(){
       foreach( $this->bookings as $EM_Booking ){

Events Manager Changelog

  • fixed issues with WooCommerce add-on circumventing currency formatting
  • changed various AJAX/Admin actions to fire on wp_loaded rather than init action to allow better plugin compatibility
  • added $where param to EM_Admin_Notice constructor
  • added __sleep and __wakeup functions to EM_Booking and EM_Ticket_Booking for more optimal serialization
  • fixed timepicker conflict issues with other plugins due to shared common function names

Events Manager Pro Changelog

  • added __sleep() and __wakeup() function for MB mode compatibility of new EM Version
  • fixed redirection of MB bookings when redirection setting is turned off

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