Events Manager 5.9.11 & Pro 2.6.9

Posted on March 2, 2021

This latest set of updates fixes a few bugs along with addressing the upcoming transition to jQuery 3.5 in WordPress core and deprecated functions still present in our plugins.

However… we’ve also made some minor tweaks in preparation for a new add-on we’re about to release… WooCommerce integration! This is our most highly requested feature and we’re happy to be in the final stages of releasing it. This is already available to our Pro users whilst we prepare the announcement and some documentation. More to follow this week!

Events Manager 5.9.11 Changes

  • updated JS to remove any deprecated functionality in jQuery v3.5,
  • changed timepicker library to (timepicker)[]
  • added $target to Event_Location->output() function parameters
  • fixed EM_Event->output() errors causing booking emails to fail if containing #_EVENTLOCATION placeholders for non-virtual events
  • added $send_email and $ignore_spaces params to EM_Bookings::set_status()
  • added em_booking_admin action to top of single booking admin area
  • added update_meta() function to EM_Booking,
  • fixed some minor PHP warnings,
  • added ticket availability re-check during EM_Booking::validate() for bookings stored in session before saving

Events Manager Pro 2.6.9 Changes

  • fixed som PHP 8.0 deprecated code
  • replaced tooltips qtip library (deprecated for some time now) with tippy.js
  • updated jQuery to replace deprecated functions for upcoming v3.5 transition in WP core
  • fixed warnings/errors when activating Pro plugin without EM already active
  • added logging for some MB booking errors,
  • added extra line to email booking attendee data

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