Events Manager 5.7.3

Posted on June 13, 2017

We’ve released Events Manager 5.7.3 which fixes a major bug with recurrences for some WordPress installations.

Additionally we added a couple of refinements to recurrences, including the ability to create patterns for the fifth day of a month, and the ability to edit recurrence times without having to recreate all recurrences from scratch.

Enjoy! More to come…

5.7.3 Changelog

  • fixed previous meta not getting deleted from recurrences resulting in non-saved information such as a changed featured image or location
  • fixed newly submitted recurrences first saved in draft or pending mode not creating new events without a reschedule
  • fixed export settings button not working in MultiSite
  • fixed CSS issue in search form advanced field dropdowns on firefox
  • fixed PHP warning when displaying locations and events map via shortcode (kudos @Beee)
  • fixed minor PHP warning on category admin pages where image isn’t defined (kudos @Beee)
  • fixed booking admin ‘Add Note’ button not being translatable
  • added fifth day of month in recurrences pattern
  • added ability to change event times on recurring events without recreating recurrences

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