Events Manager 5.6.6

Posted on September 2, 2016

Events Manager 5.6.6 fixed various issues and made a few minor improvements. One fixed issue in particular that cropped up in WordPress 4.6 and prompted this update to come out early was for themes that enable thumbnails/featured images for a specific subset of custom post types and throw a PHP error/warning.

Additionally, we’ve made some improvements to the ical feed format, providing more information about the event.

Whilst on the topic of ical feeds…. we’ve got an awesome Import/Export add-on we’ve been working hard on which will enable you to sync with any valid ical feed. That includes sites running Events Manager, Google Calendar among others! It’ll be capable of much more, this is just a teaser of what’s to come ;) We’ll be announcing the beta release of this new feature in the coming weeks with more info about what it can do. This will start off as a closed beta available to all Pro customers.

Stay tuned!

5.6.6 Changes

  • improvements to ical formatting, including static/unique UIDs, more accurate locations with geo coordinates, categories and featured image
  • replaced code using stripslashes() with wp_unslash() (kudos @webaware)
  • removed use of on settings page
  • tweaked event search form elements and events list table to be ADA compliant
  • added $EM_Ticket_Booking to em_tickets_bookings_add filter arguments
  • removed translations of weekdays within EM and using WP translations instead,
  • changed calendar templates to stop using ucfirst() to uppercase month first letters since it breaks some languages and the languages that need it don’t capitalize their months anyway
  • fixed anonymous event submitter info not showing in recurring event admin area
  • fixed wrong nav id in BuddyPress (kudos @lyevalley)
  • fixed ‘no location’ checkbox not remaining checked if event submission returns a validation error
  • tweaked templates/forms/event/location.php and added some extra output sanitization
  • fixed 404 errors in calendar links to eventful day list for a specific location
  • fixed syncing of tables when WP uses utf8mb4 collation which causes errors when saving emojis in post content
  • fixed WP 4.6 PHP warnings and featured image problems when using a theme that limits specific CPTs to use thumbnails
  • fixed action typo in EM_Ticket::get_post() from em_location_get_post_pre to em_ticket_get_post_pre
  • fixed location not showing up in admin area within dropdown if previously assigned to an event but not available to user due to permission changes

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