5.6.3 and Pro 2.4.4 Released

Posted on April 17, 2016

This is a maintenance release fixing various issues along with incompatibilities with PHP 7 and the recent release WordPress 4.5

Events Manager 5.6.3 Changes

  • fixed events disappearing from calendar with WP FullCalendar plugin
  • fixed PHP warning for delete booking when a user can’t manage booking
  • removed our EM_PHPMailer class and started using the one shipped with WordPress
  • added %passwordurl% placeholder for new user registration email template
  • added check for whether categories are enabled in many areas of code potentially avoiding a array_map PHP notice
  • fixed preview mode duplicating tickets
  • fixed widget formats stripping certain HTML elements
  • fixed erratic date picker range behaviour when adjusting a start date later than the end date
  • fixed original image getting deleted when modifying duplicated event image
  • fixed orderby not including event_date_created and event_date_modified since 5.6.2
  • fixed PHP warning when calling #_ATT to a non-existent attribute
  • changed event debug meta box to display when WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY is also true rather than just WP_DEBUG
  • fixed front-end submission false validation errors when submitting events with bookings enabled
  • changed headers to new h1 standard on WP Dashboard pages
  • fixed bookings admin viewer table not showing specific ticket bookings on front-end
  • fixed ML hooking into em_event_save_meta and messing up the internal hook pointer by triggering it again
  • fixed translated options PHP fatal error in rare occasions/setups
  • fixed deprecated get_currentuserinfo notice in WP 4.5
  • fixed PHP 7 division by zero warning
  • fixed PHP 7 “array to string” notice
  • fixed PHP 7 issues with EM_Ticket validation
  • fixed grouped events list not showing long events on each group provided limit=0 is also supplied
  • fixed apostrophes not passing email validation
  • fixed buddypress fatal error when booking with notifications disabled,
  • fixed buddypress activity stream items being created twice for new bookings
  • fixed booking admin notes not being added in the front-end
  • updated google maps api version and removed deprecated sensor parameter
  • fixed searches not working for search terms containing apostrophes
  • fixed blank settings pages due to 4.5 code changes to wp_get_referer()
  • added em_bookings_deleted action which will execute when one or more bookings are deleted
  • added em_bookings_delete filter for when a group of bookings are deleted with event(s)
  • fixed EM_Bookings->delete() not deleting bookings properly
  • deprecated use of EM_Event->delete_bookings() and EM_Event->delete_tickets() in favor of EM_Event->EM_Bookings->delete()

Events Manager Pro 2.4.4 Changes

  • fixed CSV custom delimiter issues for attendees which were also fixed in EM 5.6.2
  • changed use of some translated text using textdomain dbem to events-manager for update EM 5.6.2
  • fixed partial refunds always cancelling
  • changed WP Dashboard admin page titles to h1
  • fixed some PHP errors and plugin conflicts in update script (kudos Ross McKay)
  • fixed load_plugin_textdomain firing before some plugins loaded (WPML conflicts)
  • fixed MB bookings form giving permission errors when submitting form second time after failed validation
  • fixed transactions not displaying in individual bookings part of an MB booking
  • fixed booking registration meta showing empty user data instead of querying user meta
  • updated Chinese, French, Swedish and German
  • fixed PHP 7 ‘array to string conversion’ errors on custom booking form placeholders
  • fixed PHP warning for manual bookings with BuddyPress enabled
  • fixed double booking errors if admin making a manual booking but also booked that event
  • fixed double ‘required’ errors for user fields with different labels on the booking form to user fields editor
  • added warning to authorize.net settings if choosing live mode with an invalid SSL certificate
  • fixed rare MultiSite Multi Bookings bug in MS Global Mode when deleting an event booking from cart
  • fixed coupons not being freed from cancelled and rejected bookings
  • fixed WP 4.5 redirection errors due to changes in wp_get_referer (requires EM 5.6.3)
  • fixed coupons not being freed when bookings are deleted with an event (requires EM 5.6.3)
  • fixed deletion of event or modification of recurring event not deleting related booking translations
  • fixed some texdomain typos in the authorize.net gateway

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