5.6.2 Released

Posted on December 18, 2015

This latest release fixes various bugs including a few issues which cropped up in the weeks following the the latest WordPress 4.4 release.

We have also done a large maintenance review of translations whilst migrating to the new way of translating Events Manager on translate.wordpress.org. As of now, our new text domain for translating Events Manager strings will be events-manager (previously dbem). Additionally, alongside adding various new languages and updates, we have fixed various typos throughout the plugin and updated every single language file to reflect this.

We will be updating our translation instructions over the coming days and getting in touch with current/previous translators to help make the transition to this new way of adding Events Manager in your language. Stay tuned for more in a follow-up post!

Events Manager 5.6.2 Changes

  • changed translation gettext domain from dbem to events-manager inline with new translate.wordpress.org translation features
  • fixed EM_CSV_DELIMITER not being included in headers, added filter em_csv_delimiter to override EM_CSV_DELIMITER
  • added wpfc-more class to allow hiding of time on ‘more’ link for WP FullCalendar
  • fixed booking cut-off time not working if cut-off days is 0 or empty
  • fixed front-end event submission form permission issues for new recurring events when publish cap is enabled but not edit_others and delete_others
  • fixed Norwegian incorrectly translated placeholders
  • fixed custom decimal separator not used in tax rate display
  • minor js fix which fixes a grecaptcha related error notice
  • fixed recurrence_byday db value saving as null for weekly Sunday events (kudos to Shaun Santa Cruz)
  • removed _event_date_created and _event_date_modified from the postmeta table as these are inaccurate, use the records from the wp_em_meta table or directly via EM_Event->event_date_created or EM_Event->event_date_modified
  • changed settings/admin capability from list_users to manage_options
  • added EM_DISABLE_AUTO_BOOKINGSFORM which prevents booking form showing below post if format overriding disabled
  • fixed WP 4.4 error on front-end event submission form
  • fixed PHP notices in WP 4.4 when categories are disabled
  • fixed Multiple Booking Mode bug in Pro introduced by WP 4.4 allowing NULL db values
  • fixed like_escape debug warning on search form
  • fixed twenty fifteen/sixteen CSS conflict hiding confirmation messages
  • added bookings closed message
  • updated all languages included typo fixes and added Arabic, Australian and Canadian English

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