5.6.1 and Pro 2.4.3 Released

Posted on September 16, 2015

This latest update is a minor release which fixes various known bugs including a few introduced in v5.6

Events Manager 5.6.1 Changes

  • fixed no arguments being passed onto em_get_post_meta_pre and em_get_post_pre
  • fixed minor PHP warning when viewing settings in paged tab mode
  • fixed em_event_save_pre and em_location_save_pre firing before the get_post and validate functions/filters via the save_post action in the WP dashboard
  • fixed EM loading jQuery UI css when already loaded by another theme (if they enqueue it with id jquery-ui)
  • fixed bug introduced in 5.6 where some error/confirmation notices aren’t showing up on page loads
  • fixed mistaken update of Hungarian language files with German
  • fixed EM_Location::has_events() providing false negatives
  • added has_events and no_locations conditional location placeholders
  • fixed actions column throwing off CSV column spacing since v5.6
  • fixed orderby request parameter being ignored in EM_Bookings_Table
  • fixed booking_date not being a valid orderby value for EM_Bookings
  • fixed recurring events booking cut-off time resetting to 12AM when no days value is given

Events Manager Pro 2.4.3

  • fixed custom email templates per event not saving properly
  • fixed per-event coupon associations not saving when editing in wp dashboard
  • fixed manual no-user bookings not saving user fields correctly
  • fixed manual no-user bookings overwriting user field information to guest bookings user account
  • fixed bug preventing all or last custom event email being removed
  • fixed admin emails per event storing an unnecessary record in em_meta table when there is an empty value
  • fixed ‘awaiting payment’ status for free bookings not reserving spaces,
  • removed redundant EM_Offline::em_bookings_get_pending_spaces() function and related filter
  • fixed certain multi-select values containing characters like & breaking field validation
  • fixed PHP warning for some custom email setups

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