5.5.1 Released

Posted on August 28, 2013

This 5.5.1 update is a relatively minor update which patches up some issues mainly cropping up from the major 5.5 update, which overall went very smoothly!

Whilst we are aware of a few non-critical issues still pending, we decided to release 5.5.1 now to fix a couple of more important problems (the most important being some clashes with other google maps plugins). We’ve already set our sights on 5.5.2.

Below is a list of changes:

  • fixed init code not executing WP FullCalendar integration in time
  • changed generation of WP_Rewrite rules for children of event post type to query the database directly rather than use get_posts
  • updated French translation
  • fixed MySQL warning/error when creating events with a new location
  • changed default events widget format to use #_EVENTDATES
  • fixed google maps problem
  • fixed 5.5 bug where search attributes being included in pagination links when not necessary
  • fixed calendar not using ordering as per settings
  • fixed chronological ordering on calendars with long and all-day events
  • fixed geo.js not being an overridable template file
  • fixed limit=0 being ignored in shortcodes and functions
  • fixed pagination being forced for categories_list shortcode regardless of attribute

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