5.4.3 Released

Posted on May 30, 2013

Events Manager 5.4.3 fixes a few bugs that cropped up during the last update. Aside from this, we’ve also added two minor enhancements:

No Location Searches – You can now use location=”0″ in your shortcodes and PHP functions when searching events to show those events without a location.
RSS Limits – When you have 1000s of events, the RSS feed will inevitably get long and slow to load, you can now assign a limit of events to show in your feed from the settings page.


  • minor JS mod for some rare IE9 conflicts by moving global load_ui_css variable into jQuery.ready()
  • fixed booking form showing tickets twice
  • fixed issues with placeholders not converting if immediately preceded by a conditional opening/closing tag
  • fixed overridden emails/new-user.php templates not being respected anymore since this was added to settings
  • fixed timepicker compatibility with jQuery 1.9.1
  • fixed google maps js being loaded if previously loaded by another plugin
  • fixed translation domain missing for some text in settings page
  • fixed ical infinite loop problem when limit is 0
  • fixed MS Global Tables bug when filtering by categories for sub-site events
  • added RSS events limit option
  • removed location page title format option from settings if not in MS Global mode
  • modified location search attribute for events with no locations

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