5.3.8 and Pro 2.3.3 Released

Posted on April 18, 2013

5.3.8 Changelog

  • fixed timthumb issues due to new local fetching modification and bad file inclusion path
  • fixed time/date separators in settings page not being used
  • added yarpp support to post types
  • fixed some tag and category warnings when using assigned tags/categories pages
  • fixed various PHP warnings
  • updated French

Pro 2.3.3 Changelog

  • fixed coupon final price miscalculations when tax is automatically included in ticket price
  • fixed customer user gateway fields not being passed on correctly when in no-user mode
  • fixed password user field problems in MB mode
  • improved pro update notifier and key checking consistency
  • added option for MB bookings submit button
  • fixed form regex rules still being required if value is blank and form field not required
  • fixed user profile page failed validation still resulting in update notice along with errors

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