5.3.1 Released

Posted on December 4, 2012

This release fixes some minor issues, but notably also potentially fixes some plugin conflicts particularly with MailPress and other mailing plugins, due to their incorrect usage of the_content OUTSIDE the loop (see the WP docs, first line).


  • Updated russian translation, thanks to Alexander Tsinkalov
  • improved how EM hooks into the_content and similar template tag hooks to improve compatibility with other plugins incorrectly using this outside the loop
  • fixed rsvp cut-off time not being considered
  • fixed missing $ in admin_capability variable of EM_Object::can_manage()
  • added recurrences search attribute
  • corrected some typos in category event form class, recurrence description
  • prevented spaces in comma-delimited email lists failing email validations
  • fixed bp event profile page urls breaking when event slugs contain slashes
  • updated [events] and [location] to default to use globals if no ids passed on, so it can be used in location/event descriptions
  • added resubmitted event confirmation messages
  • Updated Spanish translation – thanks to Ponç Joan Llaneras

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