5.3 and Pro 2.2.5 Released

Posted on November 23, 2012


Template File Changes

There is one small but important line to add if you are using our Attendee forms and you’ve overridden templates/forms/bookingform/ticket-single.php. See the diff for details on where to add this line  on your template if so.


  • corrected date_format/dbem_date_format typo on templates/templates/my-bookings.php
  • fixed calendar links with extra search args if using non-permalinks
  • fixed some non-translated strings
  • updated pot file
  • added em_booking_add_registration_result filter
  • fixed add_user_to_blog on MS bookings not providing a default role
  • fixed navbar issue for blogs with events page assigned to homepage
  • updated Dutch translation, thanks to Arnout Eykelhoff
  • partially-updated Russian translation, thanks to Evgeniy Efimenko
  • fixed #_EVENTNOTES being converted before other placeholders, which potentially caused problems if using shortcodes with formats
  • updated Chinese thanks to Leo Losoviz
  • improved JS compatibility with booking form (spinner and jumping up to errors/confirmation feedback)
  • fixed reserved pending spaces not being approvable if event is full
  • fixed categories and other plugin postmeta not being duplicated with event
  • fixed admin emails not going out if setting of admin emails contains spaces
  • fixed blog search filter not allowing comma seperated values e.g. 1,2,3
  • improvements to listings, edit pages and admin linking of locations on MS Global setups, especially if locations are restricted only to main blog
  • adjustment to title rewriting, fixing issues such as calendar day pages not having custom titles
  • event end time js not failing validation if event dates span
  • fixed locations not publishing on anonymous submission even if publish_locations is correctly enabled for assigned anon user
  • added second em_booking_form_ticket_spaces action to templates/forms/bookingform/ticket-single.php fixes attendee field not showing for single/last ticket/space bookings
  • reverted to previous use of global $wp_query in parse_query filters with additional fix to prevent clash with Pods framework

Pro 2.2.5

Aside from some translation adjustments and a full translation of Chinese, we’ve also made a minor fix to the reservation of pending spaces with gateways preventing manual approval of these reserved bookings if the booking is full. Some other functionality has been improved (particularly in some specific event booking settings combined with our new Attendee Forms feature) but these corrections were made to the main/free plugin.

5.3 is required for this update (although 5.3 can still run older versions of Pro). Please make sure you update both plugins if you upgrade Pro as well!


  • fixed some non-translated strings
  • updated the POT file
  • added Chinese translation, thanks to Leo Losoviz
  • fixed pending/reserved spaces not being approvable, requires EM 5.3 to work

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