5.2.9 and Pro 2.2.4 Released

Posted on November 12, 2012

Another update, various improvements!

One notable improvement is that our Attendee forms is now in Beta and available for use in Pro 2.2.4 within the Form Editor admin area. This has undergone a fair amount of testing, and the main thing preventing this from coming out of beta is lack of documentation, which we’ll be remedying very soon. However, given the interface is near identical to the normal Booking Forms editor, we hope you’ll be up and running in a few clicks.

We’re also in the middle/end of some big improvements to our site, some even bigger ones regarding the inner workings of the site, which we’ll explain (and you’ll see!) within a couple of weeks when we launch  Thanks for your patience whilst we shift some of our focus on these important improvements, we’re looking forward to finishing this off and having more time than ever to focus exclusively on making EM and Pro even more awesome!


Modified Templates

There were a few modified template files, but very minor changes that shouldn’t affect functionality. The only one that you’d benefit from updating if overridden is events-search.php, which would only help if you’re using MultiSite with global events enabled.


  • updated BuddyPress integration to add links to the new BP/WP toolbar
  • added spaces to comma seperators of location on locations admin table
  • improved user deletion hook, bookings now get deleted along with user
  • replaced depreciated placeholders in default widget values
  • added booking form anchor to action url
  • updated POT file and Swedish
  • added Japanese, kudos to Kenta Sakamoto
  • fixed minimum ticket space value not allowing 0 spaces even if ticket not required
  • added em_event_save_events_slug filter
  • added $EM_Event to all do_action parameters on templates/placeholders/bookingform.php
  • changed #_MAP to #_LOCATIONMAP on installation defaults
  • wrapped bookings dashboard sections into divs with class names
  • fixed formatting links/texts in settings page tips
  • added em_options_booking_form_options action and save button on settings page > bookings > booking form options
  • fixed use of global $wp_query when passed within parse_query action – thx Scott @ Pods framework plugin
  • added wp_dropdown_pages instead of manual page select generation
  • fixed usage of outdated user_firstname/user_lastname property for EM_Person::get_name()
  • improved ticket minimum calculation (takes into account if ticket is only ticket in event, therefore required)
  • fixed EM_Tickets and EM_Tickets_Bookings not storing ticket/ticket_bookings array key by ticket id
  • locations list format header and footer now install ul by default, if blank no wrapped ul is used (which previously contained an ‘a’ outside an li)
  • small fix to em_content_categories_args, now applied to EM_Categories::get() and EM_Categories::output() in templates/categories-list.php
  • shortened gcal link some more to prevent some (rare) “404 url too long” errors
  • added login redirection to same page in login link of my bookings page

Pro 2.2.4

It’s important that when upgrading Pro you also upgrade EM to 5.2.8

  • fixed attendee forms committing first attendee in each ticket
  • fixed attendee #NUM# not being converted if not in an html element
  • fixed tips not being added to dynamic attendee fields
  • fixed radio and checkboxes not being read properly for attendees
  • updated Swedish
  • updated bookings currency tip link
  • added $field info to emp_forms_output_field filter
  • changed user creation/deletion in first-registration failed authorize.net bookings to use internal account creation timer
  • fixed event reminders not reading booking placeholders
  • fixed/improved first-time user deletion on bad authorize.net card data
  • changed paypal cron hook em_cron_hook to em_paypal_cron
  • fixed pending individual ticket counts with PayPal bookings in progress/reserved
  • added condition to not validate #_BOOKINGBUTTON bookings
  • added complete activation/deactivation of attendee ticket functions
  • changed is_main_blog functions to is_main_site
  • updated pot file, Swedish
  • added check for paid bookings with no gateway choice (anti-spam/hack)
  • added Japanese
  • removed site language option (repeated option, typo)
  • added all countries for paypal destination site language
  • prevented/fixed various php warnings
  • removed parse_query hook for permalink gateway handling (i.e. catching paypal IPNs), gateways now use a direct wp-admin/admin-ajax.php… url
  • fixed validation of manual bookings and editing of bookings forcing address fields, changed priority of EM_Booking_Form booking interception
  • moved ticket/booking pending space calculations to base gateway class, now accounts for all gateways
  • fixed person data not being saved to EM_Person instance on first booking
  • fixed attendee form loading depending on default tickets (based on introduction of EM_Ticket::is_required() in EM 5.2.9)
  • fixed EM_Person information not being saved to instance on first booking, causing authorize.net to not retrieve first/last name correctly
  • removed custom html from form when editing a booking
  • improved default attendee form to include attendee #NUM#
  • attendee fields is now beta and ready to go

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