Events Manager 5.2.7 Released

Posted on October 29, 2012

We’ve released another minor update with various tweaks and improvements.

Expect a release for Pro within a few days, mostly including more minor fixes, but also with the Attendee forms coming out of alpha into beta!

Template files affected

A few template files required tweaking to fix/improve certain aspects, here’s a summary:

  • /templates/forms/bookingform/ticket-single.php
    • added ticket-price class to p tag surrounding ticket price
  • /templates/forms/event-editor.php
    • added condition on last few lines to prevent tickets overlay form from being output
  • /templates/forms/event/location.php
    • fixed private locations showing to users when using drop down selection of locations on event editor
  • /templates/placeholders/attendees.php
    •  added fix to include non-registered attendees when in no-user mode (recommended)
  • /templates/placeholders/attendeeslist.php
    • added fix to include non-registered attendees when in no-user mode (recommended)
  • /templates/tables/locations.php
    • removed a loop regarding offsets (recommended)

For an exact summary of all changes to these files, view the diffs on the trac


  • fixed min ticket space number calculation issues in booking forms
  • fixed multiple admin emails for event submission by members with publish rights
  • added em_bookings_ajax_complete/error jquery events/hooks
  • updated/added Swedish, Chinese, and Finnish translations, kudos to Tommy Wahlund, Leonardo Losoviz and @Daedalon respectively
  • fixed mailer charset problem in SMTP mails
  • added dbem to some __ functions
  • added ticket-price class to single ticket booking form html
  • fixed datepicker breaking on themes inserting br tags into search/booking forms
  • fixed html email setting not working in MultiSite
  • added Guadaloupe to countries list
  • added em_csv_header_output action (e.g. for Excel hack)
  • changed/prevented registration email going out until after booking is completely saved
  • added filter em_object_json_encode_pre
  • fixed country searches on events page/search form
  • added conditional placeholders is_private not_private is_recurrence not_recurrence
  • fixed #_EVENTEXCERPT not having formatting filters applied
  • changed the_content run at priority 9 for category pages
  • fixed private location autocomplete/search issues
  • fixed recurrences not being deleted when done from front-end
  • fixed edit user link on booking admin area
  • fixed edit location link showing to all
  • fixed typo in map balloon hint on settings page
  • removed default contact person setting (used in < v5.0, now uses author)
  • added width/height property to thumbnail img html
  • fixed deleted MS subsites not deleting events/locations from global tables
  • fixed maps showing undefined fields on first load of edit event with location ddm enabled
  • fixed non-registered attendees not being included in no-user mode for #_ATTENDEE and #_ATTENDEELIST
  • fixed front-end location admin pagination
  • reduced sql statements for county my/all locations on front-end locations admin page
  • fixed select all ui problem (thx @Daedalon)
  • fixed array_key_exists php warning in EM_Object::can_manage
  • changed is_main_blog to is_main_site
  • added grandchildren detection when generating permalink rules for events page
  • added auto br to emails option in email settings

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