Events Manager 5.9.2 and Pro 2.6.1 Released

Posted on April 2, 2018

This is a maintenance release that mainly fixes some timezone issues revolving around PHP 5.2 and also manual offsets.

Events Manager 5.9.2 Changelog

  • fixed some instances where PHP 5.2 outputs incorrect times due to other plugins changing server timezones
  • fixed scope issues with PHP 5.2 when calculating start/end of month dates
  • fixed potential issues with manual offsets when other plugins change server timezones whilst saving events, particularly in PHP 5.2
  • added EM_CACHE constant which if defined as false will disable caching
  • fixed issues when changing times of an EM_DateTime object with large manual offset timezones may cause incorrect dates (fixes some weekly recurrence pattern issues)
  • added notice when viewing bookings made in another language
  • added booking admin table column for language used in booking
  • fixed some minor PHP notices preventing event submissions/edits with a new location if display_errors are enabled
  • updated EM_Notices to use new class names for notices output in WP Dashboard
  • added filters for all post type and custom taxonomy arrays used in initial post type and custom taxonomy registration functions (see em-posts.php)

Events Manager Pro 2.6.1 Changelog

  • fixed manual bookings not adding correct new user information when name/email/profile fields are set to not be displayed or editable
  • fixed reminder emails not getting translated into booked language
  • fixed minor PHP warning on transactions table when no transactions to display

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